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THU MAY 10 – 180510

A) Buy in Tabata suitcase crunches

B) 12 min. AMRAP 250m run 6 burpee broad jumps 24 leg raises

C) 12 min. AMRAP 24 clapping abs 18 step ups 12 alternating plank toe touches 100m run

D) Cash out Tabata side plank rotations w/plank hold on breaks

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A) Buy in Tabata Suitcase crunches B) CONDITIONING 12 min. AMRAP: 40 fast feet 40 mountain climbers (20 per side) 250m run C) STRENGTH Tabata reverse lunges: 8 rounds of: 20 sec reverse lunge 10 s

Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in Run 400m B) STRENGTH: TRI/SHLD 6 rounds of: 30sec Pike Push ups 30sec Rest C) CONDITIONING 4 min. AMRAP: 18 bench dips 6 burpees -THEN- 250m run -THEN- Repe

Buy in: Tabata sprinting WOD (22:30) 3 rounds: :45 Squats :45 Step ups :45 Ground thrusts :45 Knees to elbows sit ups :45 Supermans :45 Push ups :45 Star jumps :45 Pull ups :45 Burpees :45 Tuck jumps

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