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211104 - THU NOV 4

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1 min max lunge switches

30 second lunge hold

30 sec lunge hold other leg WOD A 10 min AMRAP: 25 squats run 250m 25 per side of side to side mtn climbers (2-leg parallel hops in mtn. climber position) run 250m 25 pike pushups run 250m WOD B

10 min AMRAP: 25 v-situps run 250m 25 pushups run 250m 25 sprawls run 250m

WOD C 6 min AMRAP: 25 curtsy squats 50m (or 10 reps) broad jumps 25 plank pushups 50m frog jumps (elbows below knees at bottom position) Cash out: 1 min hollow body rocks / 1 min hollow body hold

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