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THU AUG 31 - Thursday shorties

Buy in: Tabata high knees (advanced: hands up over head)


7 min. AMRAP:

5 push ups

10 sit ups

15 squats


Tabata sprawls


6 min. AMRAP:

20 bicycle crunches

20 mountain climbers

20 jumping jacks


5 min. AMRAP:

10 alternating lunge steps

10 squat jumps

3 burpees

Cash out: Tabata leg raises

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240422 - MON APR 22

Buy in: Tabata star jumps WOD A 10 min. AMRAP: 10 push ups 10 Renegade rows 10 burpees WOD B 12 min. AMRAP: 200m run 10 rail pull ups OR bench dips 20 sec. cumulative hold at top of pull up OR bottom

240420 - SAT APR 20

Warmup Standard Boot Camp warm up A) Buy in Run to Oak Hill B) 10 min. AMRAP 30 bicycle crunches Run the hill Run down 10 reverse lunge steps C) 10 min. AMRAP Quick side shuffle up the hill (stay low)

240418 - THU APR 18

Buy in: 1/2 Tabata squat, 400-meter run, 1/2 tabata squat (start second 1/2 tabata when second runner arrives) WOD A 2 min. plank hold THEN (no rest between) 8 min. AMRAP: 100m run 20 V sit-ups THEN (

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