• Mike

WED JAN 25 - Team fun

Buy in: Tabata squat jumps

A. Team WOD

15 minute AMRAP: Partner 1: 2 hill runs/stair climbs Partner 2: Walking lunges (get 25 before runner returns and you can rest!) Partner 3: 3 burpees, 6 push ups, 9 v-situps, 12 bench dips When runner returns, all 3 perform 10 synchronized side

planks, then runner goes to burpees, then walking lunges, then run again.

B. Partner WOD

12 min. AMRAP: Partner 1: Runs 250m Partner 2: Plank hold OR Squat hold OR hollow body hold (MAY NOT DO SAME HOLD TWICE IN A ROW).

Cash out: Tabata mountain climbers

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