• Mike

THU MAR 4 - 210304

Standard Boot Camp warm up

A) Buy in

Tabata partner sit ups OR solo Russian twists

B) 10 min. AMRAP

10 plank push ups

250m run

20 hollow body rocks

C) 8 min. AMRAP

5 burpee tuck jumps

10 plank toe touches

100m run

D) 4 rounds

:30 ea. of:

Hollow body hold

Crunch ankle touches

KTE sit ups

E) Cash out

400m run

Plank hold

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Buy in: Tabata squats WOD A 12 min. AMRAP: 10 Star jumps 10 Burpees 200-250 meter run Pause at 6 min. for 30 v-situps WOD B 15 min. AMRAP: 12 Box jumps 12 Pull Ups 250-meter run Pause at 7 min. for 30

Warmup Standard Boot Camp warm up A) Buy in EMOM for 5 min. (5 rounds): 10 jumping squats Rest remainder of ea. minute B) 12 min. AMRAP 20 squats 20 prisoner good mornings 20 side v-sit up

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