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230918 - MON SEP 18


Standard boot camp warm up

A) Buy in 400m run

B) STRENGTH (part 1)

EMOM for 5 minutes:

8-20 rail rows (SUB scapular push ups or renegade rows)

If not enough room for everyone, have half the class do part 2 at the same time, then switch

C) STRENGTH (part 2)

EMOM for 5 minutes:

8-20 push ups


Death by 6-8 bench dips and high knees

Bench dip reps stay constant @ 6-8; high knees begin at 40 total reps and increase by 2 reps every minute until failure. 15 min. cap. If failure with more than 3 min. remaining, run 400m. Otherwise, rest.


3x :30 crunch ankle touch

:30 side v-ups left side

:30 side v-ups right side

F) Cash out One minute plank hold

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