• Mike

220317 - THU MAR 17

WARM UP (3-5:00)

Standard Boot Camp warm up

A) Buy in (4:00) Tabata of partner sit ups OR solo Russian twists


10 min. AMRAP: 10 plank push ups 250m run 20 hollow body rocks


8 min. AMRAP: 5 burpee tuck jumps 10 plank toe touches 100m run

D) CORE (7:00)

4 rounds (6 min.): :30 Hollow body hold :30 Crunch ankle touches :30 KTE sit ups

E) Cash out (4-5:00) 400m run Plank hold as runners return

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Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Partner Buy in (approx. 6 min.) P1: 100m shuttle sprint (50m out and back) P2: 8 fast sit-ups, then high knees until partner is back Go until each has run 3 times

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Buy in: Partner relay – Partner 1: sprints 50m out/50m back Partner 2: maximum sit ups. Go until each has done sprint and sit ups twice WOD A Tabata burpees WOD B 10 min. AMRAP: 20 star jumps 20 V-sit