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WED OCT 4 - Wednesday fun

Buy in: 400m run WOD A 1/2 tabata plank hold immediately followed by 1/2 tabata burpees immediately followed by 1/2 tabata plank hold WOD B 8-min. AMRAP: 10 squat jumps 10 V-ups 10 rail pull ups WOD C 1/2 tabata mountain climbers immediately followed by 1/2 tabata high knees immediately followed by 1/2 tabata mountain climbers WOD D (if times allows) 800m run Cash out: Tabata hollow body rocks 

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FRI JAN 22 - 210122

Buy In: Tabata side to side mountain climbers / 2 pushups during breaks for more work!! WOD A 5 min AMRAP: 15 lunge steps 15 squats WOD B 5 min AMRAP: 15 situps 15 plank pushups WOD C 5 min AMRAP:

THU JAN 21 - 210121

Buy in: Tabata mountain climbers WOD A 1 min. group squat hold THEN (without break) 12 min AMRAP: 400-meter run 20 squat side steps (10 each direction) 20 step ups THEN (after 12 min., without break)

WED JAN 20 - 210120

Warmup Standard Boot Camp warm up A) Buy in Shuttle relay: P1: 2x50m shutttle sprint (25m down and back twice) P2: max clapping abs Keep going until everyone has done everything 3 or more times. B) 10

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