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TUE MAR 7 - Done in 60 seconds

Patrick does the "executive workout" #fbbootcampfun

Buy In: 2 rounds: 30 sec max squats / 30 sec ground dips then run 400m


2 rounds, continuous clock:

1 min shuttle sprint 50 m 1 min curtsy squats 1 min back lunge into forward skip 1 min alligator walk 30 second rest 1 min burpee tuck jumps 1 min frog jumps 30 sec rest 1 min max v-situps 1 min hollow body hold 1 min super mountain climbers 1 min rest

Cash out: 2 rounds: Run 400m, then squat hold until all members are back, then: 30 sec max pushups / 30 sec plank jacks

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Buy In: Tabata side to side mountain climbers / 2 pushups during breaks for more work!! WOD A 5 min AMRAP: 15 lunge steps 15 squats WOD B 5 min AMRAP: 15 situps 15 plank pushups WOD C 5 min AMRAP: 100

WARM UP (3-5:00) Standard Boot Camp warm up A) Buy in (4:00) Tabata of partner sit ups OR solo Russian twists B) CORE/CONDITIONING (11:00) 10 min. AMRAP: 10 plank push ups 250m run 20 hollow body r

Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in (approx. 4 min.) 400m run Jumping jacks until all return 1 minute of bounding B) CONDITIONING (10 min.) 4x: :30 prisoner good mornings :30 jumping

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