• Mike

WED FEB 8 - 21-15-9 variations

Buy In: Tabata pushups, low pushup hold on rest


8 min AMRAP:

21-15-9: Sprawls V-situps Squat jumps back lunge into high knee

At halfway mark, low pushup hold for 1 min.


8 min AMRAP:

15-12-9: Burpees KTE-Situps Dive Bomber pushups Side planks

At halfway mark, ground thrust hold for 1 min.


8 min AMRAP:

9-15-21: Plank Jacks Star Jumps Leg lifts Curtsy squats

At halfway mark, side to side mtn climbers for 1 min.

Cash Out: Run 400m, AMRAP: lateral jumps until last person does 20.

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