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TUE FEB 7 - We love Tuesdays!

Buy in: run to granite circle at Piedmont (or comparable if other location), then 30 sec max bench dips, 30 sec max bench dip hold, two rounds.

WOD A 15 minute AMRAP: 5 dive bomber push ups 10 burpees 15 jumping alternating lunges 25 tuck jumps 50 bicycle crunches 75 jumping jacks 100 meter shuttle sprints

At 10 and 5 min. to go, 1 min. hollow body hold

WOD B 7 min AMRAP 1 partner Carioca 100m 1 partner plank hold

Cash out: 1 min pike push ups, 1 min plank push ups

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240517 - FRI MAY 17

Buy in: 400m run, hollow body rocks as runners return, keep going for 45s after last runner returns WOD A 6 min. AMRAP: 8 squat jumps (go for maximum height on ea. jump) 8 v sit ups 8 second squa

240516 - THU MAY 16

Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in: 1/2 Tabata v-sit ups 1/2 Tabata hollow body rocks B) CONDITIONING 12 min. Partner AMRAP: P1: Run 100m P2: Hollow body hold Before switching, P1 & P2: 1

240515 - WED MAY 15

Buy in: Tabata squats WOD A 12 min. AMRAP: 10 Star jumps 10 Burpees 200-250 meter run Pause at 6 min. for 30 v-situps WOD B 15 min. AMRAP: 12 Box jumps 12 Pull Ups OR Renegade Rows (12 per side) 250-m

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