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SAT FEB 4 - Saturday partners


2-person teams, 11 min AMRAP: Only one person can work at a time, can only switch at half the total amount of reps: 100 star jumps 75 situps 50 side planks

[Person not working must hold a plank hold (on elbows) or squat hold. Anytime the hold is broken, both members must stop and do 5 pushups!]

WOD B 2-person teams, 9 min AMRAP:

100 leg lifts 75 tuck jumps 50 pike pushups

[Same format as WOD A, but person not working must do v-hold or straight arm plank hold]

After 9 min AMRAP: group 400m run

Cash Out: 1/2 Tabata mtn climbers

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