Standard boot camp warm up

A) BUY IN (4:00)
Shuttle sprints and sprawls.
Have class do continuous 100m (50m out and back) shuttle sprints (SPRINT, DON’T JOG). Stop every 20 seconds for 20 seconds of sprawls, continuing pattern until time runs out.

3 rounds of:
:45 star jumps
:15 rest
:45 push ups
:15 rest
:45 stair runs or step ups (only if no stairs)
:15 rest
:45 bench dips
:15 rest

3 rounds of:
:30 opposite arm/leg raise
:30 10 mountain climbers/1 jump w/hands over head :30 plank toe touches
:30 crunch ankle touches
:30 hollow body rocks
:30 rest
There is no rest time between movements. Everyone transition immediately to next exercise every 30 sec.

 D) CONDITIONING (approx. 3:00)
400m run

E) Cash out (4-8 min.)
Tabata core work (trainer’s choice). Double tabata if time allows!!