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THU MAY 13 - 210513

Buy in: Partner relay: Partner 1 - sprints 50m out/50m back Partner 2 - maximum opposite hand to toes (alternating) Go until each has done sprint and sit ups twice WOD A Tabata side to side mountain climbers WOD B 10 min. AMRAP: 20 side power step ups (stand with side to wall, step with same foot for 10 and switch) 20 suitcase crunches 20 renegade rows WOD C 3 rounds of: 30 sec. pike push ups 30 sec. max box jumps 30 sec. max bench dips 30 sec. rest WOD D Tabata window washer abs Cash out: 400m run

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Buy in: Tabata star jumps WOD A 10 min. AMRAP: 10 push ups 10 Renegade rows 10 burpees WOD B 12 min. AMRAP: 200m run 10 rail pull ups OR bench dips 20 sec. cumulative hold at top of pull up OR bottom

Standard Warm up Buy in: Tabata of crunch ankle touches WOD A 400m run WOD B 45 sec. squat hold THEN 12 min. AMRAP: 100-150m run 10 walking lunges 10 window washer abs THEN 45 sec. squat hold WOD C Ta

Buy in: Partner 1: 400m run Partner 2: max sprawls. Switch. WOD A 15 min. AMRAP: 100m run 4 burpee broad jumps 20 walking lunge steps 16 bench dips WOD B 12 min. AMRAP: 250m run 20 push ups At 6 minut