• Mike

MON APR 5 - 210405

Buy in: Tabata high knees (advanced: hands up over head)


7 min. AMRAP:

5 push ups

10 sit ups

15 squats


Tabata sprawls


6 min. AMRAP:

20 bicycle crunches

20 mountain climbers

20 jumping jacks


5 min. AMRAP:

10 alternating lunge steps

10 squat jumps

3 burpees

Cash out: Tabata leg raises

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Buy in: Tabata squats WOD A 12 min. AMRAP: 10 Star jumps 10 Burpees 200-250 meter run Pause at 6 min. for 30 v-situps WOD B 15 min. AMRAP: 12 Box jumps 12 Pull Ups 250-meter run Pause at 7 min. for 30

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