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THU FEB 9 - Don't skip this one

Buy in: 400m run then 30sec leg lifts/30 sec scissor kicks/30 sec flutter kicks/30 sec v-situps


12 min AMRAP:

50m carioca (arms out and level to work shoulders!) 10 super mtn. climbers* 50m skips (long and high!) 10 pike pushups

At 4.5 / 9 min: drop and do 25 v-situps.

*1 super mtn. climber = 4 knees to elbows mtn. climbers followed by 4 side to side hops, all while still in the mtn. climber position.


12 min AMRAP: 50m frog jumps 20 alternating toe touches (lying on ground like like a 1 legged leg lift) 50m squat shuffle 20 spin squat jumps

At 9 / 6 / 3 minutes to go, do 25m shuttle sprint.

Cash out: 1/2 tabata hollow body hold / 2 min plank hold

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