1. TUE NOV 20 – 181120

    A) Buy in Tabata Suitcase crunches B) CONDITIONING 12 min. AMRAP: 40 fast feet 40 mountain climbers 250m run C) STRENGTH Tabata reverse lunges: 20sec reverse lunge 10sec rest D) CONDITIONING 400m run E) CONDITIONING 6 min. AMRAP: 12 squats 24 high knees 6 star jumps F) Cash Out Tabata v-sit ups…Read More

  2. MON NOV 19 – 181119

    Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in 4-5 min. 200-meter run 20 arm circles (10 forward/10 backward) 20 jumping jacks 10 star jumps B) STRENGTH EMOM (Every min. on the minute for 8 min. (8 rounds): 6-10 horizontal railing pull ups 6-10 push ups C) CONDITIONING AMRAP in 12:00 Hill sprint or 200-meter run 10 box jumps 10 bench dips D) ACCESSORY: ABS 3x 1:00 hollow hold 1:00 Reverse crunch w/hi…Read More

  3. SAT NOV 17 – 181117

    Buy in: Tabata clapping abs WOD A 10 min. AMRAP: Run 250m 16 plank toe touches (8 per side) 16 walking lunge steps (8 per leg) WOD B Tabata partner cross clap sit ups WOD C 10 min. AMRAP 100m run 2 stair runs OR 1 hill run 10 bench/wall push ups 10 renegade rows (per arm) WOD D 3 min. squat hold If squat is broken, do burpees for remaining time. Cash out: Tabata of hollow rocks and hollow holds (a…Read More

  4. FRI NOV 16 – 181116

    Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in 400m run Jumping jacks until all return 1 minute of bounding B) CONDITIONING 4x (10 min. total): :30 prisoner good mornings :30 jumping squats (GO LOW AND FAST ON THESE) :30 walking lunges :30 fast feet (FAST!!!!!) :30 rest C) CORE WORK 4x: 30 hollow hold :30 crunch ankle touch NO REST BETWEEN MOVEMENTS D) CONDITIONING (NO REST BETWEEN SECTIONS) 1/2…Read More

  5. THU NOV 15 – 181115

    Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in 1/2 Tabata v-sit ups 1/2 Tabata hollow body rocks B) CONDITIONING 12 min. Partner AMRAP: P1: Run 100m P2: Hollow body hold Before switching, P1 & P2: 12 partner push ups C) CONDITIONING 4 min AFAP: 10 jumping squats, 10 sprawls, 10 side plank rotations, repeat Rest 30s 4 min. AFAP: 10 candlestick get ups, 10 star jumps, 10 suitcase crunches, repeat D…Read More

  6. WED NOV 14 – 181114

    Buy in: Run 400m WOD A 10 min. AMRAP: Run 100m 10 box jumps (mod: step ups) 10 wall push ups WOD B 12 min. AMRAP: 40 mountain climbers (per side) 30 clapping abs 20 walking lunges 10 bench dips 100m run WOD C 6 min. AMRAP: 10 suitcase crunches 10 supermans 10 side v ups left side 10 side v-sit ups right side Cash out: Tabata scissor kicks…Read More

  7. TUE NOV 13 – 181113

    Buy in: 400m run WOD A 4 rounds of: 20 sec max pike pushups 10 sec plank hold 20 sec max alternating jumping lunges 10 sec lunge hold then Run 250m, rest exactly 2 min, then proceed to WOD B WOD B 4 rounds of: 20 sec max v-situps 10 sec hollow body hold 20 sec max supermans 10 sec superman hold then Run 250m, rest exactly 2 min, then proceed to WOD C WOD C 4 rounds of: 20 sec max 50m shuttle sprin…Read More

  8. MON NOV 12 – 181112

    Warmup Standard boot camp warm up A) Buy in Tabata burpees 8 rounds of: 20sec burpees 10sec rest B) STRENGTH 4 rounds: 45sec bench/wall push ups 15 sec rest C) CONDITIONING 15 min. AMRAP: 400m run 12 Pike push ups 20 crunch ankle touches (per side) D) STRENGTH 4 rounds: 30sec Bench Dips 30sec Renegade rows 30sec supermans E) Cash out 4 rounds: 30sec straight arm plank 30sec forearm plank…Read More

  9. FRI NOV 9 – 181109

    Buy in: 400m run, hollow body rocks as runners return, keep going for 45s after last runner returns WOD A 6 min. AMRAP: 8 squat jumps (go for maximum height on ea. jump) 8 v sit ups 8 second squat hold WOD B 8 min. AMRAP: 16 step ups 16 reverse lunges 50m sprint WOD C 12 min. AMRAP: PARTNER 1: 400m run PARTNER 2: 30 crunch ankle touches (15 per side), 15 star jumps *start with 30 crunch ankle tou…Read More

  10. THU NOV 8 – 181108

    Buy in: 1/2 Tabata squat, 800-meter run, 1/2 tabata squat (start second 1/2 tabata when second runner arrives) WOD A 2 min. plank hold THEN 8 min. AMRAP: 100m run 20 V sit-ups THEN 3x 30s max burpees 30s rest WOD B 10 min. AMRAP: 250m run 20 plank rotations 20 scissor kicks 20 leg raises Cash out: Tabata hollow body hold…Read More